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Artist Resume Who Is R.R. Anderson?

Who Is RR Anderson? Tacoma's Cartoonist

Action Figure File Card Stats

  • Code Name(s): Commander RR®, NineInchNachos™
  • File Name: Anderson, R.R.
  • Primary Specialty: Underground Political Cartoons in 3D
  • Secondary Specialty: Sidewalk Chalk Activist
  • Grade: Expert
  • Birthplace: Classified
  • Contact: Instant Email Contact or dial (253) 778-6786

Work Experience

Aug. 2002-2012 AFX (formerly Artifex) Tacoma, WA Graphic Designer / Web Developer

  • Designed/Illustrated 2010 & 2009 Roto Grip pro-shop bowling ball catalogs
  • Designed bowling ball logos, bowling ball magazine ads & web banners
  • Bowling ball advertising campaign strategy think tank member
  • Updated, redesigned bowling ball eCommerce websites as needed
  • Frequent interaction with clients
  • 3D animation, audio, video & photography media production

Apr. 1998-Present Holistic Forge Works Tacoma, WA Cartoonist / Web Developer

  • Original cartoon illustration
  • Weekly hyper-local cartoon strip The Tacomic with first self-published book
  • founding member of a secret society for local cartoonists The C.L.A.W.
  • founded Friday Frost Park Sidewalk Chalk Challenge weekly seasonal event
  • founded Central Tacoma Free-Radical Media Exchange street library project
  • knack for promoting community art happenings/news on social networks


Bachelor of Arts: CGI/Digital Arts - Magna Cum Laude
Cogswell Polytechnical College, Sunnyvale, California (1997 - 2001)


  • Nominee, Greater Tacoma Community Foundation of Art Award. 2012
  • Most Creative Person, Weekly Volcano reader poll. 2010
  • Best Gadfly, Weekly Volcano Best of Tacoma. 2007
  • Greatest Illustrator in the Universe Award, Frost Park Chalk Challenge. 2008
  • Best of Frost Park Chalk-Off Challenge: "Most Tacoma Themed Entries". 2008
  • Golden Melon Award: "Melonite of the Year". 2008


  • Tacoma's Leader of the 'absurd' Underground artist RR Anderson by PETER CALLAGHAN, The News Tribune 2012
  • Tacoma's Most Fascinating People by Halley Griffin, Tacoma Komo 4 blog 2012
  • 1 of 3 Featured cartoonists in article "Mightier Than Swords" by Todd Mathews, Tacoma Daily Index. 2007
  • Article "Anvil Stolen From Artist" by Sam McManis, The News Tribune. 2004

Professional Affiliations

  • Frost Park Chalk Challenge, Community sidewalk chalking event - Founding Member
  • Cartoonists League of Absurd Washingtonians (C.L.A.W.), A secret society of professional cartoonists - Founding Member
  • Cartoonists Northwest Association, group of professional and amateur cartoonists - Member


  • Greater Tacoma Community Foundation of Art Exhibit 2012
  • Tacomic+amocaT Art Show 2.0, Amocat Cafe. 2012
  • TACOMIC BOOK vol. 001 RELEASE PARTY, Kings Books. 2010
  • Frost Park Chalk Art Retrospective, The Herban Cafe. 2008
  • AUTOMATIC DRAWINGS SHOW, The Mineral Studio. 2007
  • All Tacoma Jury Show, The Helm Gallery. 2007
  • Tacomic Party 01, The Helm Gallery. 2007

I, Cartoonist RR Anderson

Brief Artist Biography

Raised in Juneau, Alaska, RR Anderson's imagination was captured early by Alaska's rich history and intense natural beauty. His first professional cartoon strip, The Adventures of Joe Galaxy, a monthly cult comic strip for Odyssey Magazine created by Anderson at the age of 14, briefly captured the imagination of prepubescent space geeks across the USA. Later working as comic page editor for his high-school newspaper, Anderson penned political cartoons and another sci-fi epic series The Holistic Crusades of Captain Cosmos.

Weekends were booked with father/brother boat outings that kindled a keen fascination with Alaska's abundant marine wildlife & majestic vistas. Or maybe you could find the young cartoonist tromping through the forest with his old pal Brian Crapo in search of some abandoned gold mine... specifically relics of some forgotten blacksmith's forge.

Graduating spring 2001 with a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Video Imaging from Cogswell Polytechnical College in Sunnyvale, Calif., Anderson arrived in Tacoma, Wash. with only a shabby carpet bag full of dreams sardined next to a hard-disk containing the early embryonic stages of his Holistic Forge Works [dot] Com Web site. The contents of this bag proved useful in attracting two things: full-time work as a Web designer at ARTIFEX in downtown Tacoma; and his lovely wife, Ms. Darcy™.

When prodded to explain his artwork, Anderson usually paraphrases the following: I'm not trying to save the world. I'm doing what I can to stay connected to how the world really is. Ultimately my work is about friendship, need, and other timeless values.

Qualifications and Responsibilities

RR Anderson's Unified Table of Everything
Topic Political Positioning Competency
HTML Markup pure separation of content and layout style(s) Expert
CSS Layout saves time and energy, essential to modern web design Expert
JavaScript implementation must be search engine friendly, accessible and degrade gracefully Average
PHP Programming stand on the shoulders of giants, hack your brains out. Below Average
Photoshop® N/A Expert
Flash® 100% flash-based web sites are lame. Use it sparingly to add enhancements instead! Above Average
Illustrator® I prefer drawing it by hand Average
Premiere/After Effects® my video editing software package of choice Above Average
3D Studio Max® I can build or animate anything Above Average
Microsoft Paint® I know the secrets Expert
Customer Service definite interpersonal skills Satisfactory
Deadlines willing to sacrifice family relationships Satisfactory
Public Speaking dynamic presentations using powerpoint Above Average

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  • Kevin Freitas, Community Activist and Entrepreneur
  • Todd Matthews, Tacoma Daily Index Reporter and Editor
  • Erik Bjornson, Community Activist and Divorce Lawyer
  • Ron Swarner, Ex-Creative Director Weekly Volcano
  • Britton Sukys, Artist