LEARN 2 DRAW: Local "How to Draw" Television Show, TV Tacoma

Cast of Players

Drawing Tutiorials

  1. Learn 2 Draw BOB THE DOG in 3D
  2. Learn 2 Draw BOB'S JAVA JIVE in 3D
  3. Learn 2 Draw LORD XENU in 3D
  4. Learn 2 Draw STOWEBOT 9000 in 3D
  5. Learn 2 Draw FAIL WHALE in 3D
  6. Learn 2 Draw POTBELLY STOVE in 3D
  7. Learn 2 Draw STUMPY CROW in 3D
  8. Learn 2 Draw WYATT JAMES, BOY DETECTIVE in 3D
  9. Learn 2 Draw DALE CTHULY in 3D
  10. Learn 2 Draw CAMPING TRAILER in 3D

As SEEN in REAL 24 hr Comic Books!

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Episodes, Season 1

(in production)

Plot Synopsis

EXACTLY TWENTY MINUTES INTO THE FUTURE, Alaska, a breakaway state of the union, declares war on all of the United States. The nations of Earth fight as one against the Alaskans, but one by one, the nations of Earth are defeated. In desperation The KALAKALA, an old sea-going vessel is fitted with the awesome NO. 2 PENCIL DRIVE engine and launched into orbit. Along the way, the intrepid crew must fight to awaken the imaginations of earth children who by all accounts have grown lazy and fallow.

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