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GREETINGS TRUE BELIEVER! Every year when the moon is full and the last of the pumpkins have been harvested from the pumpkin cannon fields, elite members of the Cartoonists League of Absurd Washingtonians (the C.L.A.W.) gather in a tiny comic book store to compete in a world-wide comic book drawing endurance marathon--24 Hour Comic Day--quite literally to the death. The older a cartoonist gets, the more laborious and mystical the experience. Don't believe me? Read for yourself the wonderment contained in these omnibuses of doom! With every page turn journey with the author down that shadowy road between madness and glory. By the twenty-fourth hour you don't want to be around to smell the result. Excelsior.

And Other Amazing Illustrated Works...

Illustrated Sample Paid Hipster Advertisements Illustrated Board Game Box Art Illustrated Zine Covers Illustrated Sample Paid Hipster Advertisements
Flying Steam Shovel Glider
Flying Steam Shovel, The Amazing

Signature style, form and delivery of our illustration(s); India ink, Prismacolor® marker & acrylic color washes on illustration board.
See Also: Wizard Man 3000 | Flying Alligator vs. Radar Man | A "Star Wars" Gunslinger

Rocket Girl with Guitar
Rocket Girl with Guitar & Other Paintings

A friendly ceremonial acknowledgment of allegiance--acrylic painting on canvas.

Legends of a Flying Lawnmower
Mini Statues: Legends of a Flying Lawnmower

The handcrafted Sculpey® statue and the illustration that started a legend.
See Also: Flying Lawmower View 2 | Fish Walker Fish Walker 2 | Statue with Owner

Time Bandits Tattoo
Time Bandits Tattoo

Tattoo design for fan of Terry Gilliam's cult classic film "Time Bandits." Ink and gouache paint on illustration board.

Plot-Less Comic Strips
Quick Plot-less Cartoons

Remains of a Photoshop experiment which helped in the realization that comics don't need a "Hollywood Mainstream" script to be crap.
See Also: Episode 2 | Episode 3 | Episode 4

Sketchbook Virtual Page Flipping Viewer

Selected Drawings:

Captain Cosmos Defrosts | Hat Dreams | Mars Story Idea | Leslie Space Babe | Astronaut Clamp | Steam Shovel | Steam Shovel 2 | Piñata Maker | Nude Study | Kafka's Rabbit | Mecha Mania | Red Robot | Dream House/Factory | Booty Shorts | Huge Slam | Mexican Demon | Italians | Classic Storm Trooper | Children's Book Characters | Turtle Obelisk | Mystery Uniform DogStar™ Ship Designs | Old-School Battlestar Sketch | Rocketeer & Pants | Potbelly Stove | Intergalactic Harvester | The Flaming Carrot The Great Escape | Self Image | Rocket Belt Plans | Cartoon Pirates

Authentic CLAW Fanclub Atheist Christmas Desk Sign Paper Craft

Mr. Manning's Art Class: The High-School Years

Urban Fish War (car chase)
Urban Fish Wars (Car Chase)

Edsel vs. Nomad | Giant Box Turtle | Fighting Robots | Art Thieves

Family UFO Abduction
Family UFO Abductions

Grey Aliens | Starship Interior | Cantina Scene | Gerbils vs. Astronaut

Interior 1957 Chevy with Desert Prospector
1957 Chevrolet & Other Vintage Cars

Toaster Crossing | Gryphon Traveler | Desert Prospector | Captain Cosmos

Volkswagon Beetle, with Friends
Volkswagon Fantasy

Samurai Lungfish | Park Bench Fellowship | Hall of Fame | Minotaur's Labyrinth

Carpet Baggers from Outer Space
Carpetbaggers From Outer Space!

Eternity Bus | Mystery Pirate Ship | Alaska Fishing Boat | Evil Fortress

Meeting Harvey the Rabbit
Meeting Harvey the Rabbit

Mad Organist | Killer Mantis | Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy | Snake Oil Wizard

Artist Statement

Mr. Anderson is not trying to save the world. He's doing what he can to stay connected to how the world really is. Ultimately his work is about friendship, need, and other timeless values.

Work Experience

  • Children's Books
  • Newspaper Illustrations
  • Cook Book Illustrations
  • Science Fiction Comics
  • Science Fiction Illustration
  • Religious-Themed Comics
  • Political Cartoons
  • Filmmaking Concept Art
  • Storyboarding
  • Wall Murals
  • Paper Mache Sculptures
  • T-Shirt Designs
  • Music Promotion Posters
  • Album Art
  • Tattoo Design
  • Website Graphics
  • Sidewalk Chalking

Cartoon Experimental Animations & Short Films to Provide Moral Uplift

visit: Holistic Forge Works Animation Studios

LEARN 2 DRAW the Kalakala

Chalk It Up Art of Frost Park Chalk Off!

RR Anderson's Greatest Hits: public sidewalk chalk art created in 1 hour or less.

RR's Curtiss P-40 Warhawk Red October Double Rainbow with Wake RR's black cat—often called the "sab cat" or "sabo-tabby" RR's Tacoma Mall as Hitler RR's The Traveller RR's This Machine Kills Oil Addiction (Dockyard Derby Dame Freedom Riders) RR's Bigwheel with Maximilian rr's Optimus Prime Planter Box RR's Trotter the "Tacoma Needs More Art" Living Sculpture / Ghost Critic RR's LeMay Americaz Auto Museum: Life's a Gas RR's True Grit Kalakala Spirit Capture Portrait RR's TRUE GRIT SPIRIT CAPTURE PORTRAIT RR's Firestone "TRUE GRIT" spirit capture portrait RR's F. Russell 9-11 Tribute RR's Russell "Smell You Later" Tacoma RR's Flyng Lawnmower RR's Kalakala in 3D! RR's Strange  Fascination with Potbelly Stoves Sarah Palin of Alaska in Tacoma Nobody Beats RR's Meat! RR & Son - Elephant RR's How To Make a "V" Sign

To learn more about the exciting sidewalk chalking opportunities in your downtown urban core check out the competitive Officer Larry Frost Memorial Park Sidewalk Chalk Challenge! 1 Hour of public art madness, fun for the whole family in the bleeding heart of Downtown Tacoma's Theater District.

Have Chalk, Will Travel.

Sound Lab RR Anderson Sings!

Tee Vee Script Writing Examples