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  • Graphic Designer + Cartoonist for Hire Hire RR, Seeker of Employment

    OBJECTIVE: Seeking an outlet for beautiful design, a chance to grow ideas within an organization and feed an empowered creative community.

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Cultural Arts Specialist DIY Blog

RR's personal blog page here

  • Pierce County Official Epic Voters’ Pamphlet 2015

    Posted on Monday November 02, 2015 | $15 NOW helpful moral compass HOW TO for initiative 1 voting. SEVEN reasons to vote NO on initiative 1. More »

  • Civil Defense SIDEWALK COMMANDER Chalk Box Kits -- On Sale Now

    Posted on Monday July 20, 2015 | HISTORICAL RECORD: YOUR VINTAGE ORIGINAL Civil Defense SIDEWALK COMMANDER chalking kit has been painstakingly restored by Tinkertopia staff to original 1950’s colors & carefully loaded with modern chalk sticks. These Chalk Kits were once distributed to community Civil Defense™ volunteers as a means of communication in the event of a nuclear attack after all electronic communication systems were destroyed. More »

  • TNT Columnist Peter Callaghan VS. Local Artist Claudia Riedener

    Posted on Monday March 16, 2015 | Peter Callaghan - Ex - TNT Columnist/Curmudgeon vs. Claudia Riedener - Local Artist/Neighborhood Activist ENLIST TODAY IN THE BATTLE AGAINST CORPORATE LITTER BOMBING! More »

  • Tinkertopia Erects World's Smallest Flagpole on Pacific Avenue

    Posted on Sunday October 26, 2014 | While our friends at TACOMA SCREW PRODUCTS captured the title for world's largest flagpole, spectators on Tacoma's Pacific Avenue were greeted by a tiny new sight... the world's smallest flagpole! More »

  • TINKERTOPIA Super Summer Workshop Events!

    Posted on Friday June 06, 2014 | FOR KIDS: Jr.tinker Cadet  Training workshops summer samplerParents drop off tinkerers for 2 hours of upcycle project instruction with  ms.darcy:educatorandCreative Reuse Specialist! JUNE 24th - 10am-12pm, “Crazy Creatures + Robots” JUNE 25th - 2pm-4pm, “Tiny Castles & Fairy Houses” JULY 8th - 10am-12pm, “Pinwheels, Kites & Whirly-gigs” JULY 9th - 2pm-4pm, “Flipbooks, Zines & Summer-time Sketchbooks”JULY 15th - 10am-12pm, “Mermaids, Pirate Ships+Maritime Puppet Scenes”AUGUST 5th - 10am-12pm, “D.I.Y. More »

  • Frost Park Chalk Challenge Greatest Hits of 2013

    Posted on Tuesday December 31, 2013 | RR - Sonics Guy w. Ent-FRO Ben Davis CHALK BUTT   STOWE HAIR   Troy Muppets HANK muppet   RR - Mittens vs. More »

  • SUNDAY: Tacomic Greatest Hits Best of Tacomic Top 20 Cartoon Super Show

    Posted on Saturday November 02, 2013 | ART AT WORK MONTH STUDIO TOUR continues at TINKERTOPIA SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY All you can EAT THE MIND'S EYE! Best of The Tacomic Top 20 Super Cartoon Show Last Minute Hanging *FIRE SALE* ! More »

  • Art Town - Episode 1

    Posted on Friday October 11, 2013 | We’re proud to announce the launch of 'artTown,' a new TV series showcasing Tacoma's creative community  The City of Tacoma's Media and Communications Office – in partnership with its Community and Economic Development Department's Arts Program – announces the launch of “artTown,” a cultural documentary-style TV initiative exploring Tacoma's emergence as a major creative hub in the Pacific Northwest. The quarterly series offers segments featuring diverse perspectives on a variety of creative disciplines. The show launches today – you can view anytime online or watch tonight at 8 p.m. on TV Tacoma. "In developing the concept for ‘artTown,’ we wanted to offer a more holistic look at creativity in Tacoma," said Tacoma Arts Administrator Amy McBride. More »

  • KalakalaKart "Book Ferry" Launching

    Posted on Wednesday September 04, 2013 | Tacoma's newest Little Free Library drops anchor! A FRANCHISE OF THE CENTRAL TACOMA FREE-RADICAL MEDIA EXCHANGE! More »

  • Kalakala Sails Again

    Posted on Monday June 03, 2013 | not sure where we're going, but we're on our way! 47.243561,-122.472398 or N 47° 14.614 W 122° 28.344 More »

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