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Print Catalog

  1. 2010 Bowling Ball Catalog (pdf)
  2. 2009 Bowling Ball Catalog (pdf)
  3. Crunch Time (pdf)
  4. I.Q. Bowling (pdf)
  5. Guns and Bowling (pdf)
  6. Guns and Bowling 2 (pdf)
  7. Mutant Fingers (pdf)
  8. Marvel Ball Contest Ad (pdf)
  9. Bowling Ball with a Brain (pdf)
  10. Epic Quest Ball (pdf)
  11. Epic Battle Ball (pdf)
  12. Virtual Energy Ball (pdf)
  13. Natural Ball (pdf)
  14. 267 page Self-Published Book

* #1 - 13 samples created working full-time for a design firm.

Logo Design + Logo Art Portfolio

see also: RR's 1 HR. LOGO DESIGN for Tacomanians Blog!

SampleRR Logos Built Working Full-time For a Design Firm...

Ball Logo Ball Logo Ball Logo Ball Logo Ball Logo logo design 1

Business Web Sites Portfolio

From conception photoshop file design to html5/css3, 100% My Creations!

SampleRR Sites Built Working Full-time For a Design Firm

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Working with Creative Director chopped up photoshop image to create HTML/CSS website! Also provided spot illustrations of cute bunnies! corporate software site

sports sports sports

builder site builder site

Animation + Video Editing Portfolio

Trailer for the Storm Domination Bowling Ball. Audio, Video Editing, and 3D Animation.

Art by RR Anderson

Ryan lives in Tacoma with his wife Ms. Darcy and their child-unit Maximilian. When they are not hard at work being creative, the Anderson family naps in their cottage garden. VIEW RESUME