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No. 002 Tacoma ReStore Challenge Winners: Build This $200 Dollar Gardening Station for under $15! - 2008/01/13 9:02 PM

DIY Gardening Station Last time, we challenged our readers to build this expensive, readymade gardening station (pictured top left) exclusively out of salvaged material from the Tacoma ReStore or Pierce County's 2 good 2 toss exchange. And as we never announced this challenge to anyone, let alone our readers, we received only one entry. This is his story.

Building Challenge Parts/Materials After two lunch-time, link light-rail trips to the ReStore at one week intervals our own staff cartoonist & webmaster RR Anderson gathered the required components (pictured right) to begin fabrication. Thus and so...

DIY - Ultra Attractive Gardener's Planting Station

Tacoma ReStore Design Challenge (Finished) This bench dedicated to filling pots, repotting flats, transplanting etc. Folding work surface with a small shelf raised above to hold hand tools or planting seeds. Inferior versions sell in yuppie catalogs for over $200 dollars!

Closed View

Next Tacoma ReStore Challenge: DIY Hanging Gardens of Babylon Under $30. Thus concludes another Flying Turtle Post Intelligencer Weekly Update

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