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No. 004 HFW Endorses Robert "The Traveller" Hill for President - 2008/02/03 10:11 PM

Constitutions Matter, Clear Channel Tacoma Billboard Campaign
Friends, whilst most main-stream companies/affiliations run off haphazardly endorsing blabbermouth candidates who can afford lots of media exposure and political attack ads, we the editorial staff of the Holistic Forge Works company newsletter: The Flying Turtle Post Intelligencer hereby throw our clout behind a real candidate who could make a real difference where it counts--in Tacoma (not to be confused with the weenie site in-tacoma [dot] com). We have endorsed Robert "The Traveller" Hill for President. For folks unfamiliar with this dark-horse candidate, we have taken the liberty of building this Unofficial "The Traveller" Fanzine Site for your (re)education. Thank You.

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For our readers who aren't into politics, we apologize though we suggest you wake up real soon. Thus concludes another Flying Turtle Post Intelligencer Weekly Update

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