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Cultural Arts Specialist DIY Blog

DIY Cultural Arts Specialist

Tacoma Dome: Neverending Source of "WTF!?" | THE TACOMIC

MAINSTREAM MEDIA News began to trickle down from our friend THE NOSE. And her sister publication The New Takhoman after publication of the GUEST TACOMIC here... you can say the TACOMIC above is a sequel to the O&J Guest Tacomic.  here was my response from the gun show organizers... More »

GUEST TACOMIC: Ocryx and Joe in "Double Standards" | THE TACOMIC

cartoon by Mike & CHY Shaudis aka The Team JinxMedic  who writes this caption:Yeah. Double standards. More »

Return of the Ibsen | THE TACOMIC

On slow news weeks I solicit idle Tacomic readers for Tacomic Topics... The People Have Spoken! More »

RR's CLAW Wayzgoose Poster Design Proposal | THE TACOMIC

Each Talon of CLAW submits a design for the 2014 CLAW wayzgoose poster.  THE FOUR SACRED TRUTHSQ: What are Robots? A: Robots are cool.Q: Zombies Must die... More »

Real Ultimate Undocumented Worker Exploitation Right Here In Our Backyard | THE TACOMIC

While you may have been reading “Escucha Obama, don’t deport my mama! ” hostages of the Northwest Detention Center have staged a hunger strike in protest of the slave wages, undocumented worker exploitation, and government money this private corporation has ultimately come to rely upon.  HEY, Did you know Bronco Bamma has broken all deportation records of any president ever? More »

A Fistful of Fifteen Dollars an Hour | THE TACOMIC


WINNER: TAGRO™ Class A Biosolid – Reuse of Desitny Award | THE TACOMIC

Of the nominees received for the 2013 A.D. calendar year, City of Tacoma's TAGRO™ has won Tinkertopia's REUSE OF DESTINY™ prize, a major award! More »

David Zeeck's RETURN TO SENDER Confusion!? | THE TACOMIC

The [Tacoma] News Tribune publisher David Zeeck does not understand why people have a problem with their new weekly newspaper, informative with savings! Job Creator! More »

Standardized Test for NEW and REPLACEMENT Teachers | THE TACOMIC

The tacomic has been commissioned by Tacoma Public Schools to come up with this quick, money saving test for new and replacement educators. Also remember to vote for Proposition 1... More »

Pierce County Bikini Baristas United Front | THE TACOMIC

Pierce County Bikini Baristas stand united against the Republican 'big government' oppression of their free speech rights.  Jim McCune (R-Graham) why do you hate lady business?   Full Disclosure: The Tacomic has been hired by a dedicated core of empowered bikini baristas to create this political action group logo.  Download pdf version here. More »

David Zeeck's Drive-by T-Town T-Baggin' | THE TACOMIC

Local business owner, you've seen ads in a newspaper but have you considered potential of ads without newspaper in a wet plastic bag?   Contact The [Tacoma] News Tribune for the deets. More »

Road Bocks in Ruston to New Jersey | THE TACOMIC

What happens in Ruston stays in Ruston!   All kinds of strange things happen in Ruston.  Can't we just liberate this city already? More »

Geoduck Death Eaters | THE TACOMIC

Chinese regulators have banned the import of Pacific Northwest Geoduck due to high levels of poopie and arsenic.  What does this mean for "Penis of the Sea," the gentle geoduck?   shruggle! More »

The Proctor vs. Proctor N.I.M.B.Y.s | THE TACOMIC

Shut up and build the damn thing! The Proctor part 1, The Proctor part 2.  Also check this out.  If any neighborhood in Tacoma needs to be gentrified, The Proctor District is long overdue. More »

Frost Park Chalk Challenge Greatest Hits of 2013

RR - Sonics Guy w. Ent-FRO Ben Davis CHALK BUTT   STOWE HAIR   Troy Muppets HANK muppet   RR - Mittens vs. More »

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