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By Robert "The Traveller" Hill

I believe in using a proportional representation election system to elect councilmembers. I support the adoption of Ranked Choice Voting, which Pierce County will be using next year. I believe in doubling the size of the city council. I believe in taking one of the three Municipal Court departments and making it a "Night Court" so that people can schedule Contested Hearings, for when's convenient to them-not the government. There are too many cops. The money that is spent on five officers could be used to sponsor firearm-safety training classes. Also, instead of crushing and destroying guns, the police department should give these away to the local universities and high schools, so students and faculty and staff can choose to protect themselves.

Tacoma, WashingtonI believe in making Prostitution the Lowest Enforcement Priority. I believe in changing the zoning laws so that it is easier for strip clubs and massage parlors to open in the city. I believe in selling or demolishing the Tacoma Dome.... I believe in funding & creating a public-access television organization for open citizen use. If you agree with me on Any plank, please write. I would like to facilitate follow-up actions. I'm a libertarian.

Favorite Quote

I don't need to yell who I am; my existence clearly accomplishes this.

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