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No. 001 Soft Launching Into the Future - 2008/01/01 9:00 PM

Fan Club Welcome to Holistic Forge Works version 6.0! After years of numbing toil, our intrepid web development team starts the new year with the bold implications of an ALL NEW website. Completely new look to be more on message with our diverse client base. Oh yes. This new website is generations above our previous website HFW 5.1; in fact, the new website is so much more awesome we aren't even going to talk about the last site anymore-we're just going to pretend it never existed (as it is vanished into the memory hole). Holistic Forge Works is at version 6.0... We've always been at Holistic Forge Works version 6.0!

6.0 Things to Expect

  1. Absolutely No Spelling or Gramerical Errors Whatseover!
  2. Improved Search Engine Optimization
  3. Better/Faster Graphics
  4. More Fluid Flash Animations
  5. No JavaScript Errors EVER
  6. Sexier Women
  7. Eventual Baby Photos (Ms. Darcy is Pregnant)
  8. More Links to THE TACOMIC

MEANWHILE: When it comes to Holistic Forge Works you have only one option. That option is awesomeness. Thanks Thus concludes another Flying Turtle Post Intelligencer Weekly Update

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