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#736 Brother Bo's Bizarre Existentialist One Act Plays - 2006/09/19 9:41 PM

Flying Turtle Post Intelligencer Picture of Interest HFW employees have been busy honing their most modern web designing techniques (viz. xhtml/css) against the once blighted web presence of Brother Bo's now completely retooled Bo-O-Rama [dot] com site. The aforementioned site has been correctly identified by some as a precursor to methodologies or techniques that will be utilized in the upcoming construction of Ms. Darcy's soon-to-be fantastic (and not so much just a place holder) DarcysCrossing [dot] com!

Even So, Brother Bo's new site has been engineered as a resource for small production houses looking for edgy vignettes; downloadable one-act plays usually to be performed at theatre festivals.

Tour: The New Bo - O - Rama, The Theatrical Productions of Robert B. Anderson

"Think: freakish three-way lovechild of Samuel Beckett, Kafka & Peppermint Patty." Says The Webmaster™ when asked to describe his Brother's craft: "Once I read one of his plays and my tummy felt queasy for three days afterward." Thus concludes another Flying Turtle Post Intelligencer Weekly Update

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