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#732 Make Your Own Artisan "Supreme-Glory" Pineapple Pizza Pie - 2006/07/09 9:12 PM

Flying Turtle Post Intelligencer Picture of Interest It was the best of times. Most of all pizza was involved. Northwest pizza spanning interstate boarders (and international waters) beginning in Juneau, Alaska with her famous, sauce-heavy Bullwinkle's Pizza*. Returning to the realm of the lower forty-eight, our intrepid employees (Ms. D + WM) then dined upon a pineapple-laden Papa John's pie in the shadow of Mount Hood (Oregon) as guests of the Anderson Family Homestead. "We the employees dug and weeded," Said The Webmaster, "It was hard work, but worth it. We'll do anything to support [the cause]."

Post-Oregon pizza, they traveled back to their home in Tacoma where they were sustained on a diet of exceptional Puget Sound Pizza at a retirement celebration for Dwaine the Artifex Employee, but not before INDEPENDENCE DAY where Ms. Darcy & The Webmaster™ entertained two enlisted servicemen of the United States Army A.K.A. Cousin Chris & His Friend-who gifted HFW with well received Dominoes Pizza. Friday, in conclusion to this pizza odyssey they (being Ms. D + WM) handcrafted their own Artisan "Supreme-Glory" Pineapple Pizza Pie, which has been documented to provoke the jealousy/wrath of the gods.

"Supreme-Glory" Ingredients as Arranged From Bottom to Top

  1. Home-made Honey Crust (viz. Wolfgang Puck recipe)
  2. Ms. Darcy's Secret Sauce
  3. Dried Coppa
  4. High-grade Pepperoni
  5. Caramelized Sweet Onions
  6. Sliced Red Bell Peppers
  7. Weapons-Grade Mozzarella Cheese
  8. Eight (8) Whole Pineapple Slices
  9. Slices of Roasted Tomato w. Toasted Parmesan + Oregano

*as mentioned in our last F.T.P.I. update Thus concludes another Flying Turtle Post Intelligencer Weekly Update

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