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#724 Yeah, Moisture Festival in My Pants - 2006/04/11 10:05 PM

Flying Turtle Post Intelligencer Picture of Interest Wrapping up a week of celebrations Ms. Darcy & The Webmaster™ (MD+W) have recently crossed off Moisture Festival Burlesque Show from the couple's To Do List. The aforementioned Holistic Forge Works employees were accompanied to the garish event by their noteworthy contemporaries FRED® & LAILA® of Seattle architecture fame.

Anachronously FTPI reporters were able to sit down with the group at the Dandelion restaurant in Ballard and discuss the show beforehand. "The burlesque acts were so grotesque" Admits Ms. Darcy, a plucky fine arts graduate. She is interrupted by future husband The Webmaster: "I would describe it as a nightmare; far too many pale anorexic boobies affixed with cancerous-black nipple doilies [takes bite of Grandma's lemon cake] plus I was coughing the whole time... Definitely the best part of this evening was going out with friends and having a real experience together. That's what is important."

MEANWHILE: Special holistic thanks to all our friends and family that filled this author's heart with joy this year's twenty-seventh birthday celebration(s). Love to Ms. Darcy, Parents, Brother Bo, Grandfolk Robinson+Anderson, with Aunt Dee and family. Thus concludes another Flying Turtle Post Intelligencer Weekly Update

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