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No. 012 Holistic Birthing Tips for Women (Illustrated Edition) - 2008/07/07 11:30 PM

Do you like many women, have questions about childbirth? Holistic Forge Works realizes that women today are becoming more and more interested in childbirth and with the rise in population so too comes a rise in a woman's natural curiosity about her own biology. We believe empowering mothers is a good thing for both a strong company and a healthy business. Together, let us explore modern birthing techniques designed by us to make childbirth a natural experience you can rely on. Welcome.

(the above paragraph translated into German, Finnish, Spanish and back into English)

Are you how many women have questions about the birth? Holistic Forge Works realized that women are now more interested in birth rates and population growth has increased, while women natural curiosity in their own biology. We believe that the presence of women is a good asia, as well as a strong business and a healthy economy. Together, we consider the modern techniques of childbirth, we have to do a natural birth experience you can trust. Welcome.

Modern Child Birth Positions for Modern Women

  1. The Dry Hump

  2. Aerate the Crotch

  3. Karate Chop the Neck (stress relief)

  4. The Blood Bath

  5. Prayer

  6. The Drunken Barmaid

  7. Pillow Suffocation

  8. The Hobo or "Street Birth"

  9. Tumor Compressions

Women who practice these important techniques will experience less discomfort than other lesser women who are still using outdated birthing techniques of the past. Talk to your doctor to ask if RR Anderson's Patent Pending Modern Birthox Positioning is right for you. In Other News: Frost Park Chalk Challenge Video from The Melon Thus concludes another Flying Turtle Post Intelligencer Weekly Update

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