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No. 010 Notes on Creativity or a Supplement Directed at Contributors of City Arts Magazine - 2008/05/13 11:00 PM

frost park chalk challenge players It was sunny that day. A stagnant sunny... the thickness of sunny that would bake a fresh bird poop into a rocky sediment before you can say Chalkpocalypse. The team swaggered into position above their claimed slabs of concrete, chalk in hand, hydrated for bear. Most of our masks and or costumes clung uncomfortably to our bodies absorbing the steady flow of perspiration with a thirst normally associated with transcontinental pipelines. I began to visualize my entry... calculating the angles, perspective... the 'wow' factor...

"In 10 words or less-" Injected the Reporter, "What is CREATIVITY?"


Act Two - A History of Frost Park

Larry Frost wasn't the biggest policeman, yet At 5'11 & 175 pound Officer Frost stood tall in a line of family tradition serving the citizens of destiny. One Friday in 1977 things pretty much ended for Officer Frost, having been horribly murdered--shot several times with his own gun--having been wrestled out of his control by the hands of the criminally insane. Officer Larry Frost died 31 years ago, yet he is a friend of mine today OR AT LEAST, his ghost tolerates our chalk artists for 1 hour every Friday in his memorial park, the forsaken heart of Downtown Tacoma.

Step 1 - Find Network, Absorb Network

Take Back the Park was happening each Friday at lunchtime. Folks were 'networking' socializing, and in general making connections with each other. That's great if you're a social butterfly. Not so much if you're a socially awkward cartooning aggravator.

Step 2 - What do you have and what can you do with it?

I can draw. I can draw with chalk on the big blank sidewalk and avoid standing around wrestling the omnipresent foe of shyness in sad attempts to make small talk.

Step 3 - Showmanship

Invite other artistic types who would otherwise not associate into a spectacle for the amusement of the huddled masses yearning to breath free. Develop a weekly narrative. Improvise a cast of players with unique attributes stolen from the pages of a comic book. Compete against each other for the title of Best Illustrator in the Universe with other fabulous prizes; compete against yourself for experience levels and street-sharpened skills.

Step 4 - Democratic Participation

It is WE THE PEOPLE who ultimately decide who wins each week through the civic act of informed voting (online).

Step 5 - Something for Everyone

Artists enjoy each others company and interact indirectly. Spectators enjoy a populated, mixed-income park setting, discussing art or city politics. Photographers are treated to a diversity of subject material. Politicians have an audience to which they can make appearances to. People who've never heard of Larry Frost Memorial Park hear of Larry Frost Memorial Park which makes the ghost of Larry Frost happy.


Act Three - What is Creativity?

Robert "The Traveller" Hill Creativity is the gasoline thrown on the divine fire of an idea inside the abandoned school house of entropic heat death. Creativity is pushing through a connection that you, yes you, as a person in the right place at the right time were lucky enough to discover and act upon. Creativity serves at the pleasure of a network, catalyst or champion or lumpy combination of the three. Creative types use art as a tool* to escape truth or make truth more palatable against terrifying business phrases like:

  • Game plan
  • Bottom line
  • How to get there from here
  • We provide clients with solutions
  • Our mission

*A creative person will baldly reject the idea that marketing, because it buys its way into our public space, must be passively accepted as a one way information flow Thus concludes another Flying Turtle Post Intelligencer Weekly Update

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