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No. 008 DIY Vertical Victory Garden PART II - 2008/04/01 8:28 PM

Time passes with fevered rancor as we submit to you, dear reader, our latest status report on the vertical victory garden construction. As of today Box 1, Box 2 and Box 3 are loaded onto the elevation chassis ready to receive hay (for drainage) and ultimately a thick layer of TAGRO potting mix. We've decided to keep the interesting color scheme having emerged from the eclectic mix of free lumber resources. DIY Raised Garden Beds Photo: boxes mounted (after)

Stepped Kitchen Garden: Super Structure Complete Photo: elevation chassis (before)

Vertical Garden Advantages

  • Discourages thieving bunny rabbits and gopher invasions
  • Tend to vegetables without the need to 'bend over'
  • Better exposure to sunlight
  • Optimizing small space
  • Take advantage of refracted heat from permastone wall

Holistic Forge Works Omni Store, Grand Opening!

Surplus Tacomics for Sale

  1. Elect Marty Campbell
  2. "Ride the Wave" Sounder vs. Downtown Tacoma
  3. Robert "The Traveller" Hill

Also: Shark-Tooth Mercury Tracer! Thus concludes another Flying Turtle Post Intelligencer Weekly Update

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