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No. 007 DIY Vertical Victory Garden Design Challenge PART 1 - 2008/03/18 12:36 AM

DIY Raised Garden Beds Using as many materials from the Tacoma ReStore and Pierce County's 2 Good 2 Toss online exchange, amateur cartoonist RR Anderson designed the ultimate small space garden on Holistic Forge Work's south facing side lot. Most of the wood pictured (above) came from wood shelving previously employed in a stock room in a Puyallup Napa Auto Parts store.

Stepped Kitchen Garden: Super Structure Complete Stage 1, vertical super-structure: completed. Stage 2, garden box assembly: completed. Stage 3, mount boxes on super-structure: pending. Stage 4, Paint: incomplete. Stage 5, backfill boxes with genuine chocolaty, bio-solids TAGRO with mat of hay (to aid in drainage): incomplete.

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Special thanks to all the Tacomic fans who stood with solidarity by Kevin of FeedTacoma.com and cartoonist RR Anderson at the recent TACOMIC BIRTHDAY PARTY NO. 1 at The Helm Gallery in downtown Tacoma. Many cartoons walked away with their new owners, which makes us happy and a little sad as each cartoon is like a child to us... each with its own strengths & flaws--yet loved none the less. We hope to see you all next year! Thus concludes another Flying Turtle Post Intelligencer Weekly Update

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