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No. 006 NERD ALERT: March 9th Tacomic Convention at Helm Gallery, You're Invited! - 2008/03/06 12:30 AM

Ramping Up Tacomics for Party at Helm Tacomic Party Hey kids! Do you like to draw? Do you sometimes get punished by your parents for drawing things they say you should never draw? Do the forbidden drawings call to you in your dreams? Do these dreams sometimes blend into your awakened state? Fear not; you aren't alone. A group of like-minded citizens are gathering March 9th at the Helm Gallery in Downtown Tacoma to celebrate one such institution that encourages its artists to probe deeper into the morally ambiguous realm of the editorial cartoonists' trade. Of course we are referring to Feed Tacoma's The Tacomic™ by resident cartoonist/prankster RR Anderson (on special assignment from HFW).

An Afternoon Investing Up Your Community

You're invited to meet RR Anderson and his friends--The Flying Penciler Cadets in a safe, controlled environment where you'll be exposed to the very latest in modern political cartooning techniques, where questions are encouraged if not pined for. This is not a 100th Monkey Event. This event is not subsidized by the City of Tacoma's Community and Economic Development Department. This is an event for freethinking, creative troublemakers who thrive in conservative nebula.

Tacomic Party Resources

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  3. Tacoma Urbanist: But Who Will Watch Tacoma Cartoonist RR Anderson?

Extra Credit Reader Digest

  1. Photos from Jury Art Show @ Helm Gallery (Previously)
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Philosophical debate or costumes encouraged. Nobody cares; do it for yourself! Thus concludes another Flying Turtle Post Intelligencer Weekly Update

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