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No. 005 DIY Soil Bar or Tacoma ReStore Design Challenge PART 2 - 2008/02/19 8:23 PM

Soil Bar Closed Expanding upon the idea of our previous Tacoma ReStore Design Challenge: The DIY Gardening Station our engineers have depleted our surplus wood stock with the creation of our latest Soil Bar a poured, stone-top counter space with rolling storage bins.

Parts List

  • Two Sections of Poured Stone Table Top (courtesy of past lady friend Michelle)
  • Surplus Slatted Plywood Siding
  • Two Rolling-Luggage wheels
  • One Surplus Wheelbarrow Handle (red)
  • Self-Drilling Screws (courtesy of Tacoma Screw)
  • Misc. Hardware from Tacoma ReStore
    Parts List

Inaugural Use

Soil Bar Open After a weekend trip to Vashon Island Ms. Darcy tested her new Soil Bar as she potted pussy willow tree clippings. The pussy willow starts dontated through generosity of a Vashon Island nursery worker who sold us 3 different varieties of blue berry bushes.

It feels pretty damn good to build something useful out of materials other folks are happy to throw in the trash. I would describe it as a feeling of Cheating Death. Thus concludes another Flying Turtle Post Intelligencer Weekly Update

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