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No. 003 Tacoma Cartoonist Donates Bronze Colossus to Award-Winning Tollefson Plaza - 2008/01/27 9:02 PM

Award Winning Tollefson Plaza Tacomans know the gaping triangular pit of duo-toned concrete adjourning the Downtown Courtyard Marriott Motel as Tollefson Plaza; yet soon Tacomans will know Tollefson Plaza as a gaping triangular pit of duo-toned concrete with the humongous bronze 'underwear dude' statue.

In an unprecedented act of selflessness, Tacoma's Only Political Cartoonist will donate this original, classical bronze statue (pictured above) to the City of Tacoma for reason of saving Tollefson Plaza from complete entropic disaster.

Unbridled Altruist

The cartoon artist, Mr. RR Anderson is waving his artist fee and only asks for a token "Donation Fee" of $750,006.66 tax payer dollars which should cover the several Environmental Impact Reports needed before creation of bronze statue & installation in plaza could take place.

Tollefson Plaza is the worst urban planning disaster ever visited upon the people of Tacoma since the Tacoma Dome, Aramco Copper Smelter and David Brame knotted together like a belly button announced Mr. Anderson at a press conference in the Courtyard Marriot Hotel's womens restroom, Only though charitable donation of my outrageous public art piece alone is there any hope to reverse the damage done by our inept city officials. [long pause] Like, The real winners in this deal are the people of Tacoma.

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