Governor Gregoire's 2008
Washington State of the State Address

Mr. President, Mr. Speaker, Mr. Chief Justice, distinguished justices of the noun, adjective officials, parts of the body of the Washington State Legislature, Former Governors, Tribal leaders, Local Government officials, other parts of the body of the Consular Association of Washington, my fellow plural noun:

Good evening. It is an honor once again to stand before you and talk about the state of this great noun. In the past number years, we have verb (past tense) tough problems and made adjective progress to verb the lives of funny name, and we are not done.

Amid all the pain and suffering, something adjective happened – something that will forever verb me deeply.

And we are doing our job! We have verb (past tense) politics as usual, we have knocked down government plural noun, and we have provided real change to help people

But believe me, we're not done yet! verb ending in "ING" victory now would diminish the challenges ahead, and we are not going to turn back.

Let's continue to work as occupation with and for the adjective people of this state.

Let's give a well-deserved verb to partisanship and noun and replace them with progress and noun. Let's build on the spirit of Washington's people.

superstitious apparition verb you all, and superstitious apparition verb the Great State of Washington.