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Mystery Coconut

MysteryCoconut.com, The Art of Miguel

Miguel is a Spaniard who likes games and programming. If there is ever a game you want to play mention it to him and he'll buy it just so he can play you, win and take all your money after bets have been placed.

Portraits, Fine Art of Ms. Darcy Mitchell

Ms. Darcy's Crossing, Home of the Knitted Cupcake

A Tacoma-based portrait artist (and private art instructor for children) working primarily in oils & watercolor who happens to be married to the webmaster of Holistic Forge Works. In her own words: As I trespass through the sensitive places of human strength and weakness, I gather the personal, translating the moments that bring me closer to an understanding of how I fit into this world.

Bo-O-Rama.com, personal website of Robert Bruce Anderson

Bo-O-Rama, Juneau Alaska's Only Playwright

Bo is my kid brother, playwright and recent graduate from the University of Fairbanks, Alaska now interned with the widely respected Perseverance Theatre. Visit his website and find out why Bo is the man.
See Also: Perseverance Theatre

Sergei Gourski

Sergei Gourski, 3D Game Animator

A master of all things 3D modeling and animation related, Mr. Gourski has worked for big and small game studios across America. Whenever I have a 3D question, I ask my friend Serge. Check out his amazing 3D portfolio.
See Also: Cogswell Polytechnical College

Tacoma Urbanist

Tacoma Urbanist™, Everyman on the Streets

Armed with a new blog and cell phone camera he patrols the streets in search of beauty, injustice and good expresso. He is a pedestrian guided by the philosophy of new urbanism and friend to the informed citizen.
See Also: TacomaAttorney.com - Tacoma's Only Divorce Lawyer

Kevin Freitas

Kevin Freitas, Creator of Feed Tacoma

This easygoing fellow happens to be one of the hardest working programmers & hobbyist photographers in the greater Tacoma area. He is a kindly shepherd on the great plains of the internets. Don’t be shy with your geology questions either!
See Also: FeedTacoma.com - Commune with the Hive Mind of Tacoma

Todd Matthews

Todd Matthews, Freelance Gonzo Journalist

An award winning journalist, Mr. Matthews isn't content to just passively write about his subject matter--he lives his subject matter! Here is a man who will not hesitate to get his knuckles dirty if there's a good story to be won.
See Also: Tacoma Daily Index (please excuse the frames site)

MagnificentBliss.com, personal website of Kristin Sanchez

Magnificent Bliss, Inside the Mind of Kristin

A Fellow Cogwell College graduate, Kristin loves Tommy, God and her non-scratching animals, but not Bush. She used to be Kristin May, but now she is Kristin Sanchez. She was responsible for some pretty funny web stuff, back in the day.
See Also: Kristin's Business End

Lisa Sheffield Miller, Website of

Exquisite Sky, An Illusion of Lisa

Lest you be fooled by the Maryland drawl, Lisa is a great illustrator/artist. Her art work is delicate, beautiful & twisted. Lisa is the first girl I ever kissed.

LoriEskamo.com: The Strange Art of Lori

Lori Land, The Strange Art of Lori Escobar

Lori is wicked cool. A west coast MICA student friend of both Lisa and Dana, Her art work is clever and fun. Lori's website will consume you and bend your mind.

Dana Jeri Maier

Dana Jeri Maier

Dana is a hip artist graduate of MICA too. She is really nice and smart. She is the SketchbookExchange, and involved in a cool Comic Book Site Thing also.

President of Cartoonists Northwest

Scott Alan, And The Cartoonists Northwest

Scott is a cool guy. He is president of Cartoonists Northwest and a professional clown. I know this guy through my girlfriend... they were puppeteers together.
See Also: Scott's Personal Site

Art of Mark Vinsel

Vinsel.com, The Art of Mark Vinsel

Staunch supporter of the Alaskan fisherman, Mark Vinsel is a nice guy who's gona marry my crazy mom. He lives in Juneau now and does cool watercolors.
See Also: Juneau Artists Gallery | United Fishermen of Alaska | Aunt Barb

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