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the arts Art at Work Month: Community Feedback Survey

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7. Please rate your satisfaction with the Tacoma Arts Commission.

6. Who is Your Favorite Tacoma Arts Commissioner?

F. Which Tacoma Arts Commissioner do you think has the most friends?

IV. Given our country is mired in several wars and oil is over $100 a barrel, How likely are you to purchase artwork this year?

1½. Which Tacoma publication really buffs your pumpkin (if you know what I mean)?

15. Which Tacoma Artist do you feel is least insane?



8. Has Art at Work Month helped alleviate your spiteful disdain of creative people?

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Stay informed! Dear Arts Patron, Wasthington state auditor has asked us to compile this quick accountability survey to help gauge the effectiveness of Tacoma's Art at Work Month faith-based economic development promotion. As a taxpayer it is your right to take part and give us your creative feedback! Remember to be honest, God is watching you.

Check out the TacomaArt Listserv & TACelist page for more information.