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No. 009 Frost Park Chalk Challenge Official Rule Book, First Edition (revised) - 2008/04/16 9:33 PM

frost park chalk challenge Now I don't know how you came across the information contained in this weeks Flying Turtle Post Intelligencer, but know this: If you were never a special person, you are a special person now. Hello seeker! Please read furiously these official rules to give your sidewalk chalk art the competitive and philosophical advantage in the upcoming Chalk Challenge.

Professional Art Advice

One sees clearly only with the heart, anything essential is invisible to the eyes. - Fox's Secret

Expectations of a Winning Chalk Art Entry

  1. has loose Tacoma oriented theme
  2. is conducing to feelings of moral uplift
  3. does not frighten small children (unless of course it does)
  4. points awarded for originality or cleverness
  5. humor is encouraged
  6. performance/showmanship skills a must (Remember normal people have come out to see a show)
  7. use of glitter is forbidden

Keeping Your Entry "On Message"

sidewalk chalk art Envious marketing personnel will shout from the boundary of your chalk art action area trying to confuse you and throw off your game. A champion must show steely resolve to resist their malignant influence.

Super Delegate Participant Judges

We use a special computer program to assign civic players the role of chalk art judges who are also encouraged to enter as chalk art contestants as well which would seem to be a conflict of interest were it not for our devotion to the honor system.

Your role as a Super Delegate Judge is to provide onsite opinions, critique and or encouragement to other participants. Your experience will help steer the popular vote.

The Popular Vote

The title of Champion will be decided by popular vote. All chalk art will be documented online at Feed Tacoma where you and company will cast votes via comment thread with your personal conviction to the matter. As commenter, you elect TACOMA'S BEST ILLUSTRATOR IN THE UNIVERSE OF THE WEEK.

Limitations by Time

You must stake your claim on a slab of concrete at high noon. You have one hour to complete your chalk entry. After 1PM, any stragglers will be mercilessly frowned upon by other contestants. Yet, we acknowledge that life happens and you must follow your own path, so don't poop your pants over the time limit.

Limitations by Space

If you can't fit your chalk drawing on one slab, other contestants might think you're showing off by breaking the fourth wall or going meta on us so try and contain yourself; however, there is the compelling design reason loophole which you can evoke if others are busting your chops. Just don't use glitter. OK?

Notes on Dealing with Civilians and other Pedestrians

When your canvas is a sidewalk expect that people will walk on your artwork. In some chalk art cultures this is considered good luck. Unless they step on your hand or drag their feet over your newly sprinkled glitter patch, try not to be a jerk about it. If it helps try closing your eyes and thinking stuff like: we have to live in the world we're given.

sidewalk chalk art

The Chalk Champion's Burden

Being voted TACOMA'S BEST ILLUSTRATOR IN THE UNIVERSE (T.B.I.U.) is no cupcake walk in Frost Park let me tell you. Although, I RR Anderson, have never carried this burden myself I imagine it is a lonely struggle. For next week the masses will gather and some snot nosed hot shot will snatch all your glory away in a chalk dusty whirlwind.

Sure you'll have all the perks, fame and money enjoyed by the T.B.I.U. alumni, but what about me? You probably don't even care. And that's crap.

Remember: production + filtering = community. Thus concludes another Flying Turtle Post Intelligencer Weekly Update

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