Part 6

If I were to ask your prediction at twilight, whether the sun would rise on morning or not, you no doubt would think my question foolishly speculative and obvious. If I were to likewise ask you the intent of Fronzel's boat race with Elias's son, you would think the same.

And so you are right dear reader. According to 19th century author William Claymore, this is how it went:

" The day of the contest made it's entrance like an enraged beaver, bent on everyones demise, sinister clouds brought the billowing surge and with it rain drops that zipped with the torrent wind like speeding rifle balls. Though it was dark and miserable outside, Frozel felt the fire of hopeful conquest sear through every fiber of his mortal frame, for today he felt would bring the turn of the tides.

The two contesters rowed their vessels to the starting buoy and awaited the crack of the starting pistol. Fronzel spent a good deal of the drenching night, when he knew he would be concealed making the few final preparations to his musket barrel cannons, mounted in the center of the craft, they were covered by the spare sail. All Fronzel needed to do was pull the sail off the cannons, make a speedy aim and pull the firing string and watch his contestant sink.

CRRRACK! went the sound of the starting whip, though somewhat unexpected, both contestants knew the sound was to replace the hopelessly misfiring starting pistol. And so they were off, the mighty wind surging both ships at impressive speeds. As expected, Elias Jr. began to take the lead, and Fronzel knew it was time for him to stop sailing and start sinking. Fronzel quickly unlashed the spare sail and began to pull it off the musket barrel cannons, as he did so, the strong tail wind snatched the wildly flapping sail and snagged it on the side cleat, obscuring Fronzel aiming view. though greatly concerned, Fronzel would not be deterred and as he leaned forward to free the tormenting sail, he miscued and let his hand off the rudder, causing the craft to lose its steadiness and send Fronzel over the side. Fronzel would not concede to the malicious circumstances he was under, thus he grabbed the spare sail, pulled it under water, reached in and grasped the one of the musket barrel cannons, aimed as best he could and pulled the firing string. For once it seemed Fronzel had scored a lucky break, the lead ball penetrated just under the waterline of Elias Jr. craft and sent a slow but irreversible stream of water into the bilge, thus sinking it in due time. Meanwhile, Fronzel had taken control of his craft, re assumed his course and finished the race. Though he won, there would be hell to pay at the hand of Elias Sr. when he found out about the occurrence. And so young Fronzel was obliged to leave and strike his own path, banished but triumphant, scorned though victorious, Fronzel began his road of infamy."

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