Part 5

During his late teens, Fronzels personality began to finalize into its familiar form, the Fronzel we have come to know. Between his 18th and 19th year, Fronzel arrived on the lake town of Kinderhook Michigan, there he found

employment with a local shipwright by the name of Elias Stongnose sr., while under his employ, Fronzel would try to learn the art of crafting sea worthy fishing vessels, a task he never could accomplish, unless under the constant supervision of Elias. During this time Fronzels inferiority complex( often misunderstood as a superiority complex) had reaching full throttle, this is not surprising on account of the fact the Fronzel never once had a stable home life, even when he had a home, and when he didn't, he was given less attention than rabid 3 legged 1 eyed farm goat! The only way he knew how to combat his perceived worthlessness was to exert as much power he possibly could, thereby relieving himself from the depths of nothingness as you will see The shipwright's son, Elias jr. was a constant thorn in Fronzels side. Elias Jr. was much better at shaping the ship timbers than was Fronzel, he was a better seaman, more educated, more fluent in speech, better looking and his affable nature would always assure the attention from attractive females, all this was more than Fronzel could bear, he started plotting. Fronzel did not desire to extinguish Elias's life, but he felt a need to display some shred of superiority. He began to build his own ship, oh he knew it was pointless to try and build something better than Elias Jr. but what he could do was build a ship capable of sinking young Elias's craft. After 7 months of building, the boat was finished, though it took several pales of a mixture of tallow and pine pitch to seal to numerous and prolific gaps in Fronzel shoddy workmanship. What would make Fronzels craft, the "Eradicator" different from the rest was the addition of 7 deck-mounted.69 caliber ex-infantry musket barrels, stolen from an old government warehouse. So when young Fronzel challenged Elias Stongnose Jr. to a innocent little sailboat race,

You can just imagine what was going on in Fronzels mind.

To be continued

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