Part 4

The details of Fronzel's early teen years are obscure to say the least, it is this significant period of time that Fronzel (in his later years) never wrote about or publicly addressed. It is thought strange that given Fronzel's renoun reputation for vanity and self aggrandizement, that he was eerily silent about this part of his childhood, what is known, is that Fronzel ran away from the town that claimed him as city property and constructed a log raft of sorts and floated in either the Winebibber or Hoglard rivers,This fact he mentioned to workers of his foundry, to press the point that, according to him, one could accomplish anything, even make ones own escape boat, if he simply thought of himself as a noble decedent of Genghis Khan (however, there is no possible way that he could have known himself to be one).

Some scholars of Fronzel's day thought that it was during this period of time that he started his obsession with turtles, who's to say? There is also theory's that fronzel joined the circus as a trapeze artist (highly unlikely), became the captain of the first river bound submarine (absurd), invented a process that allowed large mammals to give birth faster by putting them in a closed steel chamber at - 289 psi (oh please!) or even discovered an ancient city at the bottom of Hudson bay, so you get the idea, No one really knows just what little Fronzel was up to during his teen years, and neither do I.

To be continued

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