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#731 Finding Joe Juneau's Alaska - 2006/06/25 11:27 PM

Flying Turtle Post Intelligencer Picture of Interest Returning from a week in Juneau, Alaska after an impromptu Alaskan Brewing Company focus-group meeting, the Holistic Forge Works crew is happy to be back in the friendly old Tacoma sunshine. The majestic City and Borough of Juneau, once the incubator of two of our most noted employees (otherwise known as Ms. Darcy and The Webmaster) held true to their childhood expectations in the sense that yes, it is truly a beautiful place full of small town communal charm.

As stated the purpose of this trip was to attend a focus-group meeting regarding young people's reactions to these concept cartoon strip pieces which was relatively painless and concluded in a pile of quality feedback in exciting new directions. After these business obligations were attended to, our workers were free to explore their old hometown with noted appearances from Mom, Mark, Captain Brian Crapo (and his magic boat), Jascadet, Miah+Dave, Bullwinkle's Pizza and more.

IN OTHER NEWS: Six (6) weeks till the big wedding! Wedding Guests: if you or someone you know hasn't RSVP'd yet now is the time to pour the gasoline under the front door and drop a lit road flare in the puddle. Thus concludes another Flying Turtle Post Intelligencer Weekly Update

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