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#727 Affairs: Best French Toast in Tacoma - 2006/05/07 10:05 PM

Flying Turtle Post Intelligencer Picture of Interest Pretend you were a sorcerer standing before an enchanted mirror. "Mirror mirror on the wall who has the best French toast of them all? And by ALL I mean restaurants in the greater Tacoma area." You bark imperiously into the mystical mirror's swirling, psychedelic cloud patterns. Without hesitation a deep voice (add echo filter) responds thusly: "O wise sorcerer, though keen your French toast ye be, tis the lemon French toast w. brandied lemon sauce of Affairs Bakery & Café that be far keenest." In other words the mirror would tell you that the French toast you make on the weekends for your girlfriend isn't as yummy as the lemon French toast with brandied lemon sauce that the Affairs Bakery and Café makes for their customers on the same weekend(s).

Best French Toast in Tacoma Washington

  1. First Place: Affairs Bakery & Café
  2. Second Place: The Southern Kitchen
  3. Third Place: Holistic Forge Works Utility Research Kitchen

We of Holistic Forge Works don't feel bad about this because in the field of homemade pizza, our product is superior to pretty much anything. The Webmaster™ would like to add that today's pizza crust had a secret cheese stuffing and by all accounts is a magical experience in itself.

IN OTHER NEWS: Whilst looking through the Anderson Alaskan photo albums one Oregon evening, Ms. Darcy found this picture of The Webmaster™ dressed in his traditional "Fighting Bear" costume; however, the item of interest depicted in this photograph was something strange and completely un-bear related. There is a little girl in the photo which is believed to be one of the Mitchell Twins and her father. Believe it or not. Thus concludes another Flying Turtle Post Intelligencer Weekly Update

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