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#726 Flying an Alligator Revisited - 2006/04/25 12:02 AM

Flying Turtle Post Intelligencer Picture of Interest [Editor's Note: please excuse this crude first person paragraph.] Our home is dark. My future bride, Ms. Darcy™, sleeps soundly in our bedroom as I type this. I am weary and I would like to go to bed as well, yet I am writing this Flying Turtle Post Intelligencer web update because as webmaster of Holistic Forge Works, I am dedicated to publishing information of enormous value to anyone engaged in Modern Day activities. The exact origins of your person... one can only guess; however, one thing is for sure--you get information here that you can get no place else. Take my Juneau comrade Brian Crapo for example. Not only is Mr. Crapo one of the most important human beings to ever walk the moist forest paths of Southeast Alaska, he is also a beloved contributor of content to this website.

IMPORTANT DOWNLOADS: Poor Brian Crapo's Thrifty Mini Forge Plans SIDE A in addition to SIDE B

IN OTHER NEWS: The life of an independent, secular and non partisan cartoonist/illustrator for hire is a very diverse and exciting thing as our own independent, secular and non partisan cartoonist/illustrator person, Richard R. Anderson (RRA) is finding out the best way; which is by all accounts, the most busy way. Catch a sneak peak inside the artist's studio to view RRA's progress on a piece for a Rock Band called "The Flying Alligators." Another interesting picture(s) you can see are Before The Airbrush and After The Airbrush. Thus concludes another Flying Turtle Post Intelligencer Weekly Update

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