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#723 Abridged History of the Lake Stevens Lighthouse - 2006/04/02 11:29 PM

Flying Turtle Post Intelligencer Picture of Interest Back in 1897 the mayor of Lake Stevens, Washington commissioned the Flabbersham Brothers Construction Company to build, for its day, the "world's tallest coal/electric lighthouse on the Pacific Rim." The Lake Stevens Lighthouse was eventually completed in 1918 after suffering several setbacks due to political corruption, mudslides, and a freak tornado accident. Finally milk-tankers and massive wooden logging ships were now able to steam across the lake safely in instances of limited visibility (night time) and by 1921 maritime commerce swelled to an all time high. A robust upper-class community flourished attracting strong proletariat resentment. October 1, 1932 a group of anarchist's bombed the lighthouse, local industry ground to a halt and Lake Stevens became a virtual ghost town.

Throughout the 1950's an alliance of lighthouse and historical societies with the US ARMY Core of Engineers converged in the City of Lake Stevens... fully restoring the lighthouse as it appears today.

View of the Lighthouse from Ms. Darcy's Parents House

IN OTHER NEWS: unseen Photography there, and at Flickr® Thus concludes another Flying Turtle Post Intelligencer Weekly Update

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