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#721 Dueling Piano Bar Opposition - 2006/03/20 10:23 PM

Flying Turtle Post Intelligencer Picture of Interest Courteous Reader, if you perchance happen to be presented with an opportunity to patronize Tacoma's new Chopstix: A Dueling Piano Bar franchise may we suggest that you don't. What is more, please consider that Holistic Forge Works' staff writers haven't been to the Chopstix Seattle location; but we can imagine it to be just as horrifying. Although the writers of this column typically loathe bars as a general rule of thumb, please enjoy the following experiences sampled from the aforementioned nausea factory that we have found to be loathsome above and beyond the call of duty.


  1. Cleavage
  2. Smoke Free Environment
  3. Stupid Idiots, Drunken College Kids & Military Folk


  1. Perpetual Onslaught of Din via Incestuous Renditions of Vapid Music
  2. Active Participation of Audience in Piano Player's Inept Comedy Riff
  3. (Piano Player Armed with "Hunting Style" High Powered Spotlight)x2
  4. Stupid Idiots, Drunken College Kids & Military Folk

MEANWHILE: Ms. Darcy + The Webmaster make significant progress with the wedding invitations; The Webmaster experiments with Flickr Thus concludes another Flying Turtle Post Intelligencer Weekly Update

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