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#707 Wild Turkey and Other Amazing Adventures - 2005/11/21 10:23 PM

Flying Turtle Post Intelligencer Picture of Interest This year's Thanksgiving Celebration will be held in Lake Stevens, Washington with the Mitchell Family with the addition of members of the Anderson-Vinsel & Anderson-Anderson parents. The Webmaster's parents will be meeting Ms. Darcy's parents for the first time ever. "Everyone is a little bit nervous" Admits the alluring Ms. Darcy, "But it is better this way. It's better for everyone to meet now than at the wedding."

Meet The Players:
  • Captain Kelly Mitchell, WA-DOT Port Captain (Ms. Darcy's father)
  • Gayle Mitchell, Avid Cat & Literature Enthusiast (Ms. Darcy's mother)
  • Dianne Anderson, Juneau Artist/Drunkard (Webmaster's mother)
  • Mr. Mark Vinsel, Juneau Artist/Fly Fisherman (Webmaster's step-father)
  • Richard "Rick" Anderson, Retired Miner (Webmaster's father)
  • Delores Anderson, Retired Hospitalist (Webmaster's step-mother)

"I am confident we're really going to be a great Thanksgiving." Stated coolly sipping an eggnog latté, "I mean sure I might have had an anxiety attack that triggered a bizarre sleepwalking episode that caused my fiancée to see me from a new, mildly frightening perspective; but that's just to be expected... I mean let's be real."

The Webmaster & Ms. Darcy plan to be married August of 2006 and honeymoon in Venice, Italy. The couple plan to settle and make their home in Dalvik, Iceland to pursue a leisurely lifestyle of seabird biologists. Thus concludes another Flying Turtle Post Intelligencer Weekly Update

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