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#704 SpaceDog® No. 1 Wins "Best Art" - 2005/10/26 10:05 PM

Flying Turtle Post Intelligencer Picture of Interest Holistic Forge Works' own lead artist, R. Ryan Anderson, has been awarded first place in "best art" for his comic book: The Original SpaceDog® No. 1 which was (un)finished in the Spawns of Insomnia II, a 24 hr. comic book drawing marathon held semi-annually by the Cartoonists Northwest Association of which Ryan is a card-carrying member.

Read the full Comic here: The Original SpaceDog® No. 1

Included in the prize package were two ten (10) dollar gift certificates to Seattle's Comics Dungeon. "We spent the night at my girlfriend's parent's house." The artist tells PI reporters, "The next morning we went straight to the comic shop and blew the whole thing on excellent Fantagraphics books like Dame Darcy's Meat Cake and Richard Sala's Evil Eye. I also picked up a copy of Jessica Abel's Art Babe. It's like Christmas here!"

IN OTHER NEWS: Ms. Darcy's American-McGee-Alice costume is coming together splendidly with help from her new Pfaff sewing machine and her incredible artistic talents. Thus concludes another Flying Turtle Post Intelligencer Weekly Update

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