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#703 Experience: Foam Pit Belly-flop(s) - 2005/10/16 10:30 PM

Flying Turtle Post Intelligencer Picture of Interest The lights are off in the Mel Korum YMCA gymnastics gym. Members have long since driven home to be with their families on this blustery Saturday evening. With the exception of the night janitor's vacuum and the delighted squeals of a select few, the building is silent and empty. Out of the darkness Ms. Darcy an avant-garde Child-Care Director for the YMCA, springs off a tiny trampoline and launches herself into a great pit packed with eight (8) inch foam blocks, soon to follow is HFW's own The Webmaster®. "[flying through the dark air] I feel exhilarated, free as a bird and like a child on Christmas morning" Ms. Darcy tells FTPI reporters, wild eyed after pulling herself out of the pit. The couple was amongst the attendants of a YMCA child care staff appreciation party in Puyallup. "It's pretty cool here after hours with all the lights off [and everything] so quiet... It kinda feels like sneaking into a swimming pool to go skinny dipping." She adds, "It is exciting to have this huge gym all to ourselves." We then asked her to name the most challenging maneuver she had executed into the pit, to which she immediately replied: "Probably the belly-flop because you have to force your body to let go of its natural reflex to protect itself."

IN OTHER NEWS: Halloween costume resolutions. The Webmaster® = DEVO. Ms. Darcy = American McGee's Alice™.

MEANWHILE: HFW archivists anxiously await the conclusion of October's Cartoonists Northwest meeting where awards/entries will be given/returned to participants of the 2005 Spawns of Insomnia 2 (24 hour comic book marathon). The archivists hope to get The Webmaster's own The Original SpaceDog® Number 1 scanned and posted online by late October. Thus concludes another Flying Turtle Post Intelligencer Weekly Update

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