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No. 018 Status of the Apparatus: Phantom Turtle Werks, Tacomic Entrepreneurship, Puppet Playwright(s), Zines, Cartoonist's League and YOU - 2009/3/17 11:30 PM

State of the Laboratory (feb 09)

In preparation for the Art at Work month Holistic Forge Works has stepped up construction on the Alaskan Museum of Entrepreneurship. Come November seekers will be admitted to tour most of the Phantom Turtle Werks Laboratory in one of the more remote locations on the Holistic Forge Works industrial compound. Please note the corporate safe house will not be open to the public. We reserve the right to protect the identities of our visiting executives and foreign investors.

Alaskan Museum of Entrepreneurship

Our workers have completed lighting upgrades to 90% of our museum exhibits including but not limited to: the natural history specimen exhibit, the minerals of the solar system exhibit and the grand south art gallery & historical novelty exhibit hall.

Culture Arts Specialist News

  1. Bo Anderson's PUPPET PLAY writen up in a NEWSPAPER (nice work brother)
  2. City of Tacoma onboard for Tacomic Cartoon Book: A Dynamic Victory for Self Pubishing
  3. Barter >> Feed >> Tacoma
  4. DIY Bellybutton Bush Birdhouse: Something I Invented over the weekend
  5. How to Draw Credit Union Cartoons. A True story of teamwork with special forces team: RR, Daniel Blue and Jamie Chase How local creative people came together to save America from Financial Ruin

Cartoonist's League of Absurd Washingtonians (C.L.A.W.) News

CLAW-Tu Verata Nikto! Zine The mystic brother hood of CLAW would like to thank its supporters for the recent string of invitations to participate in community arts events such as WAYZGOOSE Letterpress Day and the upcoming BIG DRAW at the Tacoma Art Museum. As a way of giving back to the community CLAW is extending the deadline to the 2009 Young Cartoonists of the Future Scholarship to APRIL 15TH. This scholarship will be awarded to one lucky art student with a awe-inspiring proficiency in the cartoonist's craft. Apply Today!

  1. CLAW-TU Verata Nikto! Zine Issue No. 001
  2. A Conversation with Underground Cartoonist Tim Kreider
  3. A Conversation with Tacoma Sign Painter Chris Sharp
  4. A Conversation with Political Post Intelligencer Cartoonist David Horsey (TBA)

HFW Website Updates

New TACOMIC Political Cartoon Companion Reader page: Check for available Tacomic Art for purchase online, preorder book etc.! Miguel the Spaniard's MYSTERY COCONUT page added to links! Thus concludes another Flying Turtle Post Intelligencer Weekly Update

Weekly Atom-O-Toon™ - Slumming With Microsoft Paint™ Cartoon

Thats Talent! Holistic Forge Works' Weekly Atom-O-Toon™ Cartoon

Catch up on past Cartoons! Review our Atom-O-Toon™ Greatest Hits.

Employee Cultural Arts Recommendations
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Audio The Melon Underground, Episode Zero (podcast)
Video Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997)
Print The art of the start : ... guide for anyone starting anything / Kawasaki, Guy, 1954-
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