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No. 016 Most Astounding Fan Art of 2008 or HFW Fans' Greatest Hits an Online Artshow in No Particular Order as to Avoid Hurt Feelings Because we are All Sensitive Artists - 2008/12/29 5:30 PM

Idle reader! Welcome. As the year slips silently beneath the frozen folds of pacific indifference, we look fondly upon some of the happier times. Tonight we focus on the people on the other end of the datapipe; the few who dared push content backward for a change. This is a collection of our favorite fan art as you may well have guessed from the flamboyant h3 tag. We begin our journey now.

Lance Kagey, Russel Investment Group

Lance's RR Pinocchio Lance's RR Pinocchio

Andrea Trenbeath Lowen (Lupin Goddess)

WolvRRine SupeRRman Judas

James Stowe - Master Illustrator

Stowe at Blackwater Winning Art by Stowe RR's Desktop by Stowe

Ms. Darcy (Future Bride & Mother of my Son)

Ms Darcy

Sergei Gourski - Master 3d Animator


Bo Anderson - Brother

Fabicator Comics, pdf download

Joe Izenman - Sitecrafting Employee, Troubadour

Best In Show: Joe Izenman

Marumaruyopparai - Mysterious Blog Commenter

Holistic Forge Works Educational Complex

Lisa Sheffield Miller, MICA Art Student


Kelly - Women's Volleyball Player


Honorable Mention

Tacoma Urbanist

erik bjornson art

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Video The Karate Kid (1984)
Print Poems in Praise of Practically Nothing / Samuel Hoffenstein
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