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No. 015 Saga of the HFW Penny Press Machine, PART ONE - 2008/11/09 8:30 PM

RR's Strange  Fascination with Potbelly Stoves

EMAL: The Penny Press Machine Co., LLC

Greetings R. R. Anderson,
Thank you for your interest in our penny press machines. You will find the information below that you requested. Please review it and let us know how we can serve your needs with one of our fine penny press machines.

The Penny Press on a Post has been designed for use by hobbyists or at fairs, trade shows, flea markets, fund raising or similar events and does require an attendant/operator.

This sturdy machine sells for $1,995.00 plus a $35.00 packing charge and the shipping charges. The price includes one custom die of your choice and an instruction videocassette or DVD illustrating how to assemble the machine to the stand, plus additional adjustments that you may need to make over a period of time. Additional designs can be added when the machine is purchased or at anytime in the future. Each additional die design will cost $150.00 including the artwork, engraving and return shipping to you. The die ring has space for a maximum of four designs. Additional blank die rings may be purchase any time for $40.00 each.

A 12 months warranty against defective parts or workmanship is included.

We understand the value of high quality, long lasting machines. We will never compromise quality for lower manufacturing costs or gimmick designs. We certainly are not the cheapest penny press machine manufacturer but we do provide you with the best high quality long working machine that you can purchase that will provide you with a reliable income!

The Penny Press on a Post comes in three boxes: the base platform, the post and the elongating machine itself. This is a tough, durable machine and stand manufactured of aluminum to make it easily portable. The stand has big 6" wheels so that you can tilt the machine back and roll it to any location very easily. The gears, shafts, crank handle and die ring are all tough hardened steel for long-term durability. Total weight of this unit is approximately 75 pounds.

We will complete the artwork that is required for the designs in order for our die maker to complete the engraving. We need the text and a copy of any line drawings, if you are using building, bridges, monuments etc., to successfully complete the artwork for you. If you supply line drawings please make sure they are black and white and have no grey or half tones. Please send them in JPEG format.

Once the artwork is completed, it will be emailed or faxed to you for your final approval before being submitted to our die maker. A $500.00 deposit is required when we begin the artwork, and the balance of $1,495.00 plus packing and shipping charges is due before shipment is made to you.

If you plan to use the Penny Press on a Post at trade shows or fairs you may want to order one of our acrylic shields to cover the exposed external cranking gears. This is a $100.00 added safety option.

Please let us know how we can serve your needs with our Penny Press on a Post.

Rocky Rockholt,

EMAL: Coin Crafters & Engravers LTD

Our attended penny press is $2,450 with four images on the die roller. You may send your artwork suggestions or work with our art department to create your custom images at no additional cost. Shipping is by UPS for around $90 in the US.

Thank you for your inquiry.

Charles Jackson
Coin Crafters & Engravers LTD

Coming Soon to Art at Work Month: November 2009!

American Museum of Alaskan Entrepreneurship Signage for the Amercian Museum of Alaskan Entrepreneurship has progressed to stage II with the opaque projection process complete. The sharpie® marker outlines will be painted over using the finest of Daniel Smith pigments.

Edward Duvall's classic book Modern Sign Painting contained invaluable tips and we cannot recommend a better book for anyone interested in creating their own signage!

American Museum of Alaskan Entrepreneurship We spotted a dilapidated aluminum body belt sander in the Tacoma ReStore last week. A tool whose services are badly needed in our new workshop. Perhaps if the sander is still available this week at the ReStore we can dispatch a purchasing agent. The seven dollar ($7.00) price tag seems reasonable after serious contemplation.

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Website Updates

Photos of Richard "Cosmo" Maximilian Anderson are now linked to directly in our ADVENTURE Photo Gallery. We've also set up a Holistic Forge Works picasa photo gallery with google which offers superior image quality to the free flickr account so perhaps we will upload more photography there in the future. See you next week! Thus concludes another Flying Turtle Post Intelligencer Weekly Update

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